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The Gift of Tongues

I do not believe that the gift of tongues ceased to be. I do think that what passes for the gift of tongues is many times counterfeit, and even where legitimate, is misused and abused.

Seldom are there those in the church which judge a tongue or interpretation as is commanded in scripture. Most churches believing in the gift do not judge it as to whether it is a legitimate utterance or not. The presence of the utterance seems to be its own authentication.

Tongues, as mentioned in the book of Acts, seem to be understandable languages that were spoken in the real world.  They were spoken by those who had no natural ability to speak in that language. It cannot be disproven that there are heavenly languages within the definition of the gift of tongues. But, it is strange that today that most all gifts of tonges are of that type rather than the other languages type.  The other languages type was the type referred to most often in scripture.  The heavenly language type is mentioned once, and that is not offer conclusive proof.

Even though cults and demonic religions may also speak in unknown or ecstatic languages, in no way negates the validity that God has gifted some with the genuine gift. Counterfeits mean that an original exists. In the same way, the mere presence of an unknown or ecstatic language is no proof that it originates from God.