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satan's attack strategy
  • corrupt the gospel message or 
  • miss-define Christ -- His deity, His character, His role, 
  • lie about how the church is to be effective.
  • corrupt the definition of the Kingdom and make it as worldly and this-life centered as he can.
  • get us focused on our walk, our progress, our sins, our gifts, our holiness, our calling.
  • Get us to believe passages are subject to multiple simultaneous varying interpretations. "Who is to say what or who is right" is the voice of rebellion. God will always show a seeker the proper perspective if he seeks the truth at all costs. It is often difficult for a doctrine that caters to the appetites to be discerned by our senses. Unfortunately, God's only method of deliverance for the persistent seeker of truth may be to allow the seeker to wallow and consume the doctrine until he is so in bondage to it that he can not but realize that it is destroying his life. Being a diligent and persistent seeker of truth does not guarantee you have it, but only that you will eventually get it.