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Regardless of anyone's position on this subject, that position needs to be predicated upon certain truths

  1. Certainly the work of laying the foundation of truth has been accomplished.
    There will be no new doctrinal revelation contrary to that which exists.
    All that is needed for preaching the gospel, eternal life, and union with God through Christ is already clearly stated and is sufficient.
    • Galatians 1:8 But though we [the apostles, prophets, teachers], or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.
    • We have no reason to believe that even the 2 witnesses of revelation (Rev 11:3-11) will rereveal any new truths, simply judgment via signs and wonders.
    • If not, then the gospel has been insufficient to save for 2000 years and all since Christ have died in their sins.
  2. The extent to which they assert their authority over the body of Christ and how they view the authority of their proclamations, revelations, and prophesies in comparison to the authority of existing scripture and doctrine will help us understand the false ones.
    No prophet or apostle made any threats about God punishing those who did not recognize the spokesmen as a prophet or apostle, or disregarded his words. The prophecy itself was the warning or the encouragement. If the people ignored the prophet but heeded his words, they were not chastised by God for ignoring the prophet, but only for disregarding God's word through him.

  3. People are not accursed because they do not believe or follow an apostle or prophet. (only by denying the gospel as presented the original apostles and prophets). Those "apostles" or "prophets" that say such things are proving they are false. No legitimate prophet or apostle ever said anything like that to anyone.  They spoke their message and let God handle the rest.

  4. Any true prophet or apostle would be like the first 12 and will rejoice that they are called to account to scripture by the "laity" and will encourage all to verify all teachings, prophecies, and revelations by the scripture. Acts 17:11. Rather, today the false prophets curse and threaten when their vain babblings are questioned. When a person questions their interpretation and calls them to account for truths that contradict them, they use their supposed position to intimidate rather than sound exegesis to give answer.

  5. The practice of today of giving persons personal "words" or prophesy regularly has no example or basis in scripture. Certainly not in the New testament and Old Testament prophets spoke primarily to the spiritual leaders and kings and to the people as a whole. While this does not disprove that such things are possible, we should be wary of anything that is not set forth as an example in scriptures.
    It is too common for Charismatics to take an unusual supernatural happening from the bible, and think it should now be common and able to be practiced by anyone, or by many at any time and in any place and for any reason.

  6. Most of them seem to call these days of the 22nd century the Last Days, as if those days began in the last few decades. The bible says the Last Days began at pentecost. So, any restoration in the "Last Days" began at pentecost, not in the few past years or decades. There are very few scriptures that refer to the last days of the last days and these have to do with the appearance of Jesus coming for His church.