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Judging Doctrine
-- the damnable heresies               

Dangerous teachings

Even though it is dangerous to believe any teaching that does not conform precisely to the truth of scripture, not every erroneous teaching should brand a minister as a deceiver, a false teacher, or heretic.  However, every non conformity must be brought to light lest it be built upon and render a believer weak, without faith, or trusting in another gospel.

Only those doctrines which lead others into a false of misplaced hope of salvation or into believing in another christ are truly damnable heresies. There are 2 ways in which salvation can be undermined.

  1. Redefine who the Jesus is (another Jesus)
  2. Redefine how Jesus redeemed us (another gospel)
  3. Provide another way of salvation.(another gospel)

Baptismal Regeneration

Teaches that one need only to be baptized in the name of Jesus in order to be saved. Faith in Jesus and repentance is not necessary. It is a different Gospel. This gospel predominates in "mainline" denominational churches.

Baptismal Regeneration and Bible Salvation

Born again Jesus or Jesus Died Spiritually

  1. Did the Jesus who saved you purchase your redemption on the cross or in hell?
  2. Did your savior become the take on the nature of satan after death on the cross?
  3. Did your savior's sacrifice satisfy God's judgement on sin, or purchase you from satan?
  4. Was it the blood of Jesus the cleansedyou, or are you cleansed because your savior suffered in hell for you?

As for me, I am saved by the atoning death of Jesus Christ, who did not take on the nature of satan. Christ paid the penalty for my sin on the cross and not in hell. I am cleansed by His blood. I do not know this other Jesus, this other gospel. It is not the way of salvation.

  Which Jesus saved you? On which gospel do you is your hope of salvation in?

This other gospel and this other Jesus is strongly believed on by the high profile Word of Faith teachers. This gospel came by revelation knowledge. 

Fortunately, I could find no mention of it in their belief statements or on their salvation prayers on their web sites. None said on their web sites that belief in this gospel was necessary for salvation.

More on the subject and more and more here

Also read, A Different Gospel by  Dan McConnell (Hendrickson Publishers  1995) which documents its occultic origins and the WOF endorsements of it.  excerpt here