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Spiritual Sign Gifts
 Are the gifts of the Spirit for today?

We believe that God has never withdrawn the gifts of His Spirit from believers. We are given the Spirit and the gifts belong to the Spirit and He has never been divested of His power or His gifts. The gifts of the Spirit are simply the works of the Holy Spirit working within us. He has not ceased to minister through the saints, and is still choosing to use any and all of His power to exult Jesus Christ and promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ and empower all believers to proclaim salvation.

However, we see that many counterfeits to the gifts have entered into the body of Christ. Anything supernatural that makes people feel good or excited, or "high", seems to be accepted as a work of the Holy Spirit. We no longer are encouraged to test every spirit (1 John 4:1). This has brought great reproach on the Body of Christ.

Unfortunately, the gifts of the Spirit are mistaken for spiritual maturity or being special. Receiving a gift only makes us responsible to use the gift according to godliness.

Unfortunately, the gifts of the Spirit are seen as being at our disposal to use when and how we please. We have forgotten that the gifts are meant to empower us for the preaching and confirming of the gospel and not for questionable "signs".

We also are very aware that there is a great deal of emotionalism encouraged and too many conditions are allowed to exist that mimic those used by brainwashing cults. The flesh and feelings too often dictates what is considered to be of God.

The use of the gifts is at times as out of control as they were in the Corinthian church - maybe more so. They are not done decently and in order. They are misused and abused by carnal Christians who think that all manifestations are legitmate.

The use of the gifts has become, to too many, an end in itself.
-- In too many churches, there is FAR more emphasis on the gifts and manifestations of the Spirit than there is on Jesus Christ and evangelization or a holy life.
-- In too many places, there is more of focus on exulting the Holy Spirit than there is on exulting Jesus. The Holy Spirit promotes and exhults Christ.
-- In too many places, there are more people going to meetings hoping and praying to see a manifestation of the Spirit, than there are those hoping and praying to see souls saved and people becoming bold and bright in their witness.

It also seems that there is far too much teaching on the gifts at the expense of teachings and exhortations about the way of salvation and proper understanding of scripture.  Certainly, the emphasis on discernment has been lost.